Our Support Services have always been the heart and soul of The Answer Inc - because we know, first hand, that parenting a child with Autism or any other developmental disorder is very demanding. The Powerful Parents Of Autism - which is our co-ed support group - started with the simple idea of coming together, once-a-month, to make sure that everybody was aware of the latest resources available to them. What we quickly found out however, was that for many of our parents, this is often their only opportunity to share experiences, and talk to someone that understands what they go thru. Once we added professional child care to the mix - that allowed a monthly support group meeting to double as a much needed retreat. Over a decade later, what started with the Powerful Parents Of Autism support group, led to our Just For Men support group, and then, the implementation of our ALWAYS THERE 24/7 phone support line. Most recently, we’ve brought on an IEP Specialist to help our parents develop Individualized Education Plans that ensures their child’s needs are being met.