Affirmations: The Proud Mother of a Spectrum University Student

Our Executive Director, Debra Vines - recently received an email from the mother of one of our Spectrum University Students and it just warmed my heart and made my day.  So much so... that I just had to share.

Hi Debra, 

We just want to thank you for Spectrum University. Although we were happy already with the fact that Corey learned how to read and write before he aged out of school, we are thrilled that the learning didn't stop there. School gave him the tools to help his preference for written expression over verbal communication, but SU has taken him a step further. Now he understands how to use those tools to get what he wants.


If I had to give it a name, I would call it a growth spurt. Suddenly, Corey is leaving hand written notes for things he wants us to know. They say he is happy, he is a grown up, and he has needs. This is all we ever wanted to know, but were uncertain because of his limited communication skills. I have attached one of his letters about an outing he had with his respite worker. He also writes notes on an activity calendar we have when he wants to go places. Apparently this week, its a trip to see Disney on Ice. How could we say no?

corey's letter.jpg

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buzz McBride