Since 2007, we have helped parents to become the best advocates for themselves and their children; While promoting opportunities for parents to learn, have fun and contribute to the community together, educating and empowering each other in ways that are not limited by socio-economic or cultural factors. 


Our Mission

The Answer Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to providing support, resources, education, recreation, and advocacy for families in the greater Chicago area that are challenged with supporting family members with Autism & Developmental Disorders. In addition to providing essential resources & services for parents and caregivers, our agency strives to help contribute to the continued growth, educational and recreational inclusion for the children and relatives specifically impacted.

Our mission is to provide and increase Autism awareness for our family member’s caregivers, law enforcement, and the community as a whole. We provide supportive services that will build and create a more productive and effective communication skills among the above groups listed, creating a healthier and safer environment for families who live with Autism.

What We've Achieved

  • Developed an Autism Resource Room at the Broadview Library

  • Partnered with Broadview Park District Accessible Playground

  • Created Autism & Special Needs Walkathon in Proviso Township

  • Created legislation regarding PUNS. SB 226 was signed into Law July 27, 2015

  • Implemented Tutoring, Nutrition, Exercise & Dance programs for Underserved Communities.

  • Hosted the 1st Special Needs Conference in Proviso Township

  • Sponsored children and adults to Horseback Riding Camp for an entire week.

  • Our most noteworthy achievement has come from our Spectrum University program, which has had some amazing outcomes. Half of the participants did not have number or letter recognition. They can now recognize numbers and letters and some can even free hand write their names.

If you are simply looking for some "good works" to support in your community, you have come to the right place. We invite you to "Be a part of the Answer" today - because it is contributions from thoughtful committed citizens like yourself, that allow us to fund our programming efforts and continue to provide much needed resources, activities, and outlets for Children and Parents of Children with Autism and other Developmental Disorders.  

Click the "Open Your Heart to Autism" button below and we will be sure to send you a special thank you gift as a small gesture of how much your donation means to The Answer Inc and each and every mother and child that make up the community that we serve.

Forever Hopeful,

Debra Vines, CEO