As a part of our commitment to Community Education, and our mission to de-stigmatize societies’ opinion of people with Autism and Other Developmental Disorders, on Friday May 17th, The Answer Inc came out to Dominican University in River Forest to be a part of their Targeting Autism Conference.

Our CEO, Debra Vines, and our IEP Specialist, Dana Bryant, were both part of an important panel discussion, as industry professionals from near and far, came together to talk about how public libraries can better serve and create better spaces & experiences for individuals with Autism.

The event’s success was highlighted by the sharing of best practices and executions - experienced by panelist and members of the audience alike - and the sharing of the perspectives needed when developing spaces and programs for individuals with Autism.

Audience members were given a chance to ask questions, lend insights, make suggestions, and share past triumphs & failures… creating a room filled with great dialogue from which many were able to extract useful nuggets of information.

Afterwards, everyone was invited to stop by The Answer Inc table, where they could take a deeper dive, ask specific questions, or simply pick up one of our coveted - Open Your Heart To Autism - Tshirts.

If you missed this event, we hope to have notes to share with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime however, you can still pick up one of our awesome - Open Your Heart To Autism - Tees HERE

buzz McBride