Ask Jason's Mom - Episode 5

One of the components of The Answer Inc.'s mission, is to support & empower the families that we serve. Today, as a part of that mission, our CEO Debra Vines is continuing a series called “Ask Jason’s Mom” - within which she answers questions and dispels myths, specifically aimed at parents and family members of Children and Young adults living with Autism and Other Developmental Disorders.

In this episode, Debra is responding to a parent who reached out, regarding her child who has just been diagnosed with Autism. The video above highlights some of the tips that Debra shared… which included:

TIP #1 — Go ahead and cry.

TIP #2 — Join a support group.

TIP #3 — Share with everyone.

TIP #4 — Practice self-care.

TIP #5 — Be your child’s best advocate.

As an added bonus - Halloween is around the corner - Debra included a few tips for our Tricker or Treaters.

After viewing this episode, I hope that you will take a second to write any questions that you may have or any myth that you would like to see dispelled — in the comments section below it. And who knows… your questions may be answered in the next episode of “Ask Jason’s Mom”

This episode of Ask Jason’s Mom is brought to you by: The Berwyn Powerful Parents of Autism.

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