Ask Jason's Mom - Episode 1

Many of you may know that The Answer Inc is on a mission to de-stigmatize societies’ opinion of people with Autism and Other Developmental Disorders. As and organization, we hold strongly to the belief that “knowledge is power,” and so we’ve always had an ever growing commitment to community education. This week however, our CEO Debra Vines is launching a new series called “Ask Jason’s Mom” - within which she will be answering questions and dispelling myths - specifically aimed at parents and family members of Children and Young adults living Autism and Other Developmental Disorders.

In this episode, Debra responds to a mother who asked… How do I have a conversation with my family about my autistic child???

After being advised to grab a pen and paper, viewers were given a glimpse into the mind of Debra Vines as she shared her wealth of knowledge about Autism and Other Developmental Disorders.

The following are just some of the highlights

  1. Educate Yourself to be ready for questions.

  2. Pick up and Distribute Informational Pamphlets for them to reference.

  3. Take an advocate with you for support

  4. Be sure to take pencil and paper so they can write down questions

  5. Explain everything about your child

  6. Give family opportunity to ask you questions

  7. Remain open, honest, transparent

I hope you’ve enjoyed our very first episode, and that you will take a second to write any questions that you may have in the comments section below. And who know… your questions may be answered in the next episode of “Ask Jason’s Mom”

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This episode of Ask Jason’s Mom is brought to you by: The Moms of The Midwest HATS OFF TO AUTISM BRUNCH.

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