As an Autism Awareness and Support Agency, the families that we serve are our number one priority. We also consider it our responsibility however, to educate the communities in which the families that we serve... LIVE. Through strategic partnerships with first responders, libraries, schools, churches, and other community stakeholders, we are able to better prepare our community members to interact with children and adults with Autism and Other Developmental Disorders. With the numbers growing at an alarming rate, wether we are conducting seminars for our local first responders, wether we are creating Autism Friendly spaces within our local libraries, wether we are conducting anti-bullying workshops at our local schools, or wether we delivering a message at a local church during World Autism Month. Each and every effort helps us to continue moving in the direction of our goal as an organization. And that is… To De-Stigmatize societies opinion of people with Autism and Other Developmental Disorders. And we know that… educating our community is the best way to make that happen.