Being A Part Of The Answer: Ms Willie

Note: this post was pulled from our archives to highlight some of our Powerful Parents of Autism - as we celebrate International Women’s Month, 2019

Throughout Autism Month, we wanted to introduce you to some of the wonderful families that we have the pleasure of working with and for - on a regular basis... so to lead things off, we'd like to introduce you to an awesome client, supporter, and member of The Answer Family.  Now for those of you who've visited us before, you may have met her lovely daughter Drenna, who is a model, dancer, and entertainer - in her own right.  Well Ms Willie is her mom and president of her fan club, and we are absolutely blessed by her commitment to "Being A Part Of The Answer."

buzz:  Debra always tells the story of how people were always calling her with questions and thats why she named the organization The Answer Inc.  How long have you been a part of The Answer and what brought you to become a part???

Ms Willie: One of the mothers from Drenna's Special Olympics team, Beverly Gray, had been telling me about the organization, but I didn't get around to it until 2015.  Once I got a taste of the programs - like MUSIC n ME - I immediately wished I'd gotten her involved sooner, as she's always had a deep love for dancing.

buzz: looking back, from the time you became a part of the answer, til now... how has The Answer Inc impacted your life???

Ms Willie:  It has impacted my life by making a difference in Drenna's life. When I see the change and the thriving in Drenna and how she has progressed... thats how it impacts my life.

buzz:  The Answer Inc is dedicated to improving and enriching the quality of life of families impacted by Autism and/or other Developmental Disorders by providing support, resources, education, recreation and advocacy.  As the organization grows, what would you wanna make sure does not change???  

Ms Willie:  While The Answer Inc is best know as and Autism Awareness and Support Agency - Debra has done a great job of making room for people with other Developmental Disorders - like Drenna who has Down Syndrome.  That kind of inclusion along with the family style environment is what makes The Answer Inc - the best solution for so many families.

buzz: Is there anything you would like to see added on???

Ms Willie:  I would like to see more people coming out and being a part.  Maybe opening up the age range would ensure that more individuals and families in need can take advantage.  Also, as Saturday University is often an opportunity for some much needed me time, it wouldn't be the worst thing to have options during the week.  What I love about The Answer is that it allows my Daughter to have a life and any and all opportunities for More Life - is just a welcomed idea.

buzz: is there anything else that you would like to say, add, share or that you would like people to know??

Ms Willie: First I would like to say thank you to Debra... for bringing the organization about and for all that she does - and to Beverly Gray for not giving up on me, and constantly reminding me that I needed to come and see for myself.  And I would like tell all of our potential family members out there... don't just have your child sitting at home. There are programs for them you just have to talk to people. Don't be afraid to talk to people about what you are in need of - and people if you know it - tell it.

I would like to thank Ms Willie for taking the time to sit down with me and I hope that you've enjoyed hearing from her as much as I enjoyed talking to her.

Note: this post was pulled from our archives to highlight some of our Powerful Parents of Autism - as we celebrate International Women’s Month, 2019

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buzz McBride