As a part of The Answer Inc’s Commitment to de-stigmatizing society’s opinion of persons with Autism & Other Developmental Disorders, SPECTRUM SPOTLIGHT was created to shine a light on exceptional Children and Young Adults everywhere - who, in-spite of obvious limitations, are ever committed to living their best life.

In this episode, Jada’s Mom reminds us that disability can simply be “a word that did not stop you” from becoming a worldwide ambassador, a national pageant winner, a spoken word poet, singer, songwriter, aspiring actress, and YouTuber.

I hope her words below will inspire you… as we invite you to join the conversation, in the comments below.

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Jada Thompson is a young adult on the Autism Spectrum. Although she had to jump many hurdles in life relating to autism, that never stopped her from pursuing her dreams. Jada sought out help with obtaining employment through Best Buddies International, an agency dedicated to ensuring that individuals with intellectual and Developmental Disabilities are included in a competitive work force. She is now a Best Buddies’ State Ambassador traveling worldwide spreading the message of inclusion and love towards individuals with disabilities.

Before becoming an Ambassador, Jada and her mother became members of two outstanding agencies that provide advocacy, education, resources, entertainment and support to individuals with ASD and other disabilities. She has two exceptional special needs advocates that have taken her under their wing to mentor her and train her as a self advocate. Jada is now a tutor at Spectrum University of The Answer Inc, an active Board Member of Chicagoland Autism Connection and a winner of not only the Illinois Miss Amazing Pageant but the National Miss Amazing Pageant as well. Last but not least, Jada is a Spoken Word poet, Singer, songwriter, aspiring actress, and YouTuber.

This episode of Spectrum Spotlight is brought to you by: The Answer Inc Dream Team.

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