Ask Dr. Lena: Self-Love Canvas #2

On July 23rd, 2019 - at The 2019 Moms Of The Midwest - Hats Off To Autism Brunch - Dr Lena Hatchett, who was the guest speaker, invited all of the wonderful ladies of The Answer Inc Family, to embark on a journey of Self-Love. The journey started with a six minute sit down to answer a very important question… what are you willing to change to create more self-love???

The results of that exercise, to answer that question, yielded that lovely canvas below… which can only be described as a beautiful, collective representation of desired change.

Dr Lena August.jpg

As the journey continued, Dr Lena invited the ladies take another six minute self-loving pause, and ask the question, WHO AM I???

With the gentle reminder to all, that you might find yourself asking… Am I from London, Jamaica or New York? Is my being about belonging to a place or a people? Dr Lena invited the ladies to share their memories of home and where they came from — through poetry.

The results of that exercise yielded the canvas below, which is a beautiful array of words that speaks for themselves…

in her promised follow up, Dr Lena wrote…

“ I listened to the story of this collective poem on the radio and it warmed my heart. It reminded me that we can write poetry to inspire ourselves . It reminded me that we can reflect on the beauty and the ugliness of our past and heal ourselves.”

Love and blessings to Tamela Milan-Alexander for opening her heart to ours, with the following.

“I am from embattled fields of glory I am from soiled collars greens too bitter to taste.”


And now, if you can find another 6 minutes to love on yourself… Dr Lena is inviting you to continue the journey. This time the, you are invited to share a story of taking the courage to love someone, something, or yourself.

Ok… so how does this work

it’s very very very simple… when you click on the image below, you will be taken to a place where you will answer a simple question. Your sitting down to answer that question will represent another step on your “Self Love Journey.”

Each step in your journey, will be preceded by a new question from Dr Lena… your answers will be compiled by Dr Lena, presented on a canvas, accompanied by a follow up post… and as you draw wisdom from Dr Lena and each other, the transformation will begin, and so the journey will continue.

So Ladies, wether you know it or not, or you have never really sat down to think about it… you can all use a little more self love. And the best thing is… all you need to begin your journey is six minutes.

This episode of Ask Dr. Lena is brought to you by: The Answer Inc Dream Team.

buzz McBride