Alongside The Answer - Ep3: Mrs Crowder and Ms Alexander

As a part of The Answer Inc’s Commitment to de-stigmatizing society’s opinion of persons with Autism & Other Developmental Disorders, we are introducing the third episode of our newest series called “Alongside The Answer” - within which we introduce you to some of the amazing community building partners that are a part of The Answer Inc Family, that we are blessed to have come alongside as we forge ahead on our mission.

Watch this episode… as Mrs Crowder and Ms Alexander, Principal and Vice Principal of Meca Elementary Christian School, sits down to share a bit about their partnership with The Answer. Reminding us that for every need there is an answer. And, that the Unity in Community must encourage us to fitly joins our pieces together and share the answers that we have.

This episode of Alongside The Answer, is brought to you by: THE ANSWER INC DREAM TEAM

buzz McBride