Expanding Our Reach - And Enriching More Lives

Recently, The Answer Inc and The Loretto Hospital, decided to join forces in The Austin Community… so that families dealing with Autism & Other Developmental Disorders - can have access to the support that they need.

On February 21st, The Answer Inc hosted an open house at The Loretto Hospital, where community members were invited to learn more about the organization, and all that it has to offer.

Those in attendance, heard remarks from The Loretto Hospital’s Director of Community Engagement, Angela Waller - as well as, The President and CEO, George Miller. Also taking the podium, was City of Broadview Mayor, Katrina Thompson - and, County Board Commissioner, Brandon Johnson.

Then, The Answer Inc Board President, Christopher Parker, took the attendees on a deeper dive into the finer points of the organization, sharing insights into it’s humble beginnings and proven track record. And… he even shared a short video, which added some context to what the organization is all about, and introduced them to some of the key people that make it all work.

And naturally, our fearless CEO, Mrs Debra Vines, thanked everyone for coming, and invited them all to stay and mingle, and take this opportunity to visit The Answer Inc table, for questions, etc… or, stop by some of the other service providers who were all there to serve them.

All in all… the event was a great start to what promises to be a beautiful relationship between The Answer Inc and The Loretto Hospital… We look forward to each and every opportunity to expand on our commitment to de-stigmatizing societies opinion of people with Autism and Other Developmental Disorders - while empowering more families and enriching more communities.


buzz McBride