Inside Saturday University

All funds raised for The 2019 Autism & Special Needs Walkathon will be used in support of the various programs we provide for our families and community, as well as to sponsor children and young adults, to "Special Camps for Special Citizens" a Horseback riding camp in Winfield, IL.

One of our programs that depend heavily on funds raised thru the Walkathon, is Saturday University… which is a combination of our Spectrum University Program, and our MUSIC n ME Exercise and Nutrition Program.


This Saturday, I stopped Saturday University and got a chance talk to some of the parents… who shared with me, some of the many reasons why continued support for Saturday University is so vitally important to them.

Marc Bishop said… that MUSIC n ME is simply a great outlet for his son, in a comfortable environment. The opportunities to share war stories with the other parents, is an added bonus, but he say’s that the comfortable environment factor, gives him and his wife a piece of mind, which is simply invaluable when it comes to their sons well being.

Mrs Willie said… that the opportunity to bond and fellowship with other parents that understand her situation and the challenges that she face, is most valuable to her. Knowing her Daughter is having a great time with her friends, while she enjoys fellowshipping with the other parents, makes it a Win Win every Saturday.


Mrs Beverly said… that she gets a chance to take a much needed break, during which she usually crochets and talks to the other parents. She said her daughter keeps her busy throughout the week so she looks forward to her few hours off, on Saturdays.

Mrs Andrea said… that the respite time is so valuable as it gives her the option to go out and run errands, or do some venting or information gathering. All while knowing that her son is in the best of hands.

I thank and appreciate each parent for taking the time to help me see that ultimately, Saturday University is not only vitally important for the educational and physical well being of the students… but for the mental and spiritual well being of the parents as well.

buzz McBride