Ask Dr. Lena: Self-Love Canvas And Response

Approximately one month ago, Dr Lena Hatchett invited all of the wonderful ladies of The Answer Inc Family, to embark on a journey of Self-Love (SEE ORIGINAL POST BELOW). The journey started with a six minute sit down to answer a very important question… what are you willing to change to create more self-love???

The results of that exercise, to answer that question, yielded that lovely canvas below… which can only be described as a beautiful, collective representation of desired change.

Dr Lena August.jpg

In her promised follow up response, Dr Lena said the following:

“Midwest Moms shared the challenge of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable just long enough to ask for help.

For women taking care of others, it is a challenge to balance our emotional strength with the fears that circle feelings of vulnerability. Know this, we are never just strong or weak, successful or stuck. We are capable of every emotion and the journey of self-love starts with taking the time to ask what do I feel in this moment.  When you are staring at your next challenge, don’t just tell yourself what you will do, ask yourself what is it that I truly feel. Over the course of one day, notice your ranging emotions and write them down.  Today I felt Brave, Boundless, Frightened…

 Till next time


Attention all of the wonderful, magnificent, awesome ladies of The Answer Inc Family… because we recognize you endless sacrifice and labor of love, to ensure that those dearest to your heart, have all of their needs met. And, because we recognize that often, you rise to that challenge daily, without any regard for self, or simply the lacking the time to address any of your own needs. The Answer Inc is proud to present, ASK DR. LENA.

Some of you may know Dr Lena as the guest speaker at our recent Moms Of The Midwest Brunch, or from her recent feature in “Alongside The Answer.” She is a PHD and Associate Professor at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. To us however, Dr Lena is a long time friend, and she is on a mission to help women and moms everywhere, to embark on a journey of self love. Therefore, she is challenging women and moms everywhere to “Take six minutes to start your personalized self-love journey.”

Ok… so how does this work

it’s very very very simple… when you click on the image below, you will be taken to a place where you will answer a simple question. Your sitting down to answer that question will mark the official beginning of your “Self Love Journey.” All of your answers will be compiled by Dr Lena and then she will offer a follow up post to address all of your responses.

Each Episode will start with a new question from Dr Lena, Your answers will be compiled, and Dr Lena will deliver her follow up post… and as you draw wisdom from Dr Lena and each other, the transformation will begin, and so the journey will continue.

So Ladies, wether you know it or not, or you have never really sat down to think about it… you can all use a little more self love. And the best thing is… all you need to begin your journey is six minutes. AND… as an added bonus, everyone who participates will have a chance to win two tickets to THE “HONORING THE SPECTRUM” BALL on September 21st.

This episode of ASK DR LENA is brought to you by: THE “HONORING THE SPECTRUM” BALL.

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