As a part of The Answer Inc’s Commitment to de-stigmatizing society’s opinion of persons with Autism & Other Developmental Disorders, SPECTRUM SPOTLIGHT was created to shine a light on exceptional Children and Young Adults everywhere - who, in-spite of obvious limitations, are ever committed to living their best life.

In this episode, Joey’s Mom reminds us of the direct correlation between going to sleep with a smile and waking up the same way… and, the happiness that we spend our lifetime in pursuit of.

I hope her words below will inspire you… as we invite you to join the conversation, in the comments below.

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Christopher "Joey" Gray aka Sunshine…

Joey is one of the happiest people l know he goes to sleep with a smile on his face and wakes up the same way. Joey and his entire family have been dedicated members of The Answer Inc. Programs. He attends Spectrum University and the Music n Me with his friends. Since attending the programs Joey is more social and involved with others. Joey also participates in Team Independent Childress Special Olympic Basketball, Bocce, Bowling, Swimming, and Track & Field, where he has won multiple medals.

This episode of SPECTRUM SPOTLIGHT is brought to you by: THE “HONORING THE SPECTRUM” BALL.

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