Being A Part Of The Answer: Mayor Katrina Thompson

For the past several weeks, I’ve been introducing you to some of the Families, Board Members, Instructors, and Community Building Partners who have made a commitment to "Being A Part of The Answer."

This being the week of our 2018 Open Your Heart To Autism Walkathon - I had chance to chat with Mayor Katrina Thompson of The Village of Broadview - who just so happens to be the co-chair of our Walkathon. 

“People need to see for themselves” - Mayor Thompson shared - its a perfect example of the type of inclusion we all need and that other officials like myself are striving for everyday.  (see full Q&A below)

buzz:  How long have you been - and how did you become - a part of The Answer???

Mayor Thompson:  I’ve been involved with the answer for 10 years.

buzz:  Looking back... how has The Answer Inc impacted your life???

Mayor Thompson:  The Answer has impacted my life in many ways... One being their commitment to providing support and services in low income communities of people of color. 

buzz:  As the organization grows, is there something you would like to see down the line???

Mayor Thompson:  I would love to see more inclusion and opportunities available to those impacted with Autism.

buzz:  Tell us about your role as the co-chair of the walkathon???

Mayor Thompson:  My role as the co-chair is to help bring awareness, inclusion, support and resources to The Answer, Inc.

buzz:  With the walkathon being your biggest fundraiser of the year… to that person who has not yet committed - what would you say is the number one reason that they should be there.

Mayor Thompson:  The number one reason you must be at the walk-a-thon is you have to see it for yourself. The DJ is impacted with a disability, the participants provides entertainment and the parents/caregivers shows us patience, love and gratitude for these services provided.

buzz McBride