Being A Part Of The Answer: Mrs Andrea

Over the past weeks, I’ve been introducing you to the Families, Board Members, Instructors, and Community Building Partners who have made a commitment to "Being A Part of The Answer."

With the walkathon days away, I was able to catch up with our treasurer Andrea Byas, who took a quick break from her busy schedule to share with me - that her highest hopes for the day is that people will get to see the organization in a different mode. That they will be inspired by our families, our kids, and our community building partners - so much so that they will want to help support the programs that we offer. (see full Q&A below)

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buzz:  How long have you been — and how did you become a part of The Answer???

Mrs Andrea:  I have been a member of the Answer inc. since the organization started in 2007. There was a open house I attended.I was impress with Debra and James were giving Special Needs Families . Information that was desperately needed.

buzz:  Looking back, from the time you became a part of the answer, til now... how has The Answer Inc impacted your life???

Mrs Andrea:  The Answer has been a intricate part of my family life in many ways. 

  1. Advocacy - getting my Son into a day program. 
  2. Recreation - having activities available to my son.Now he has friends 
  3. Education - the support group meets, always has updates about what new in the world of special needs. 
  4. Socialization -  Parents have a social group to continue the journey in the special needs world.

buzz:  As the organization grows, is there something you would you like to see down the line???

Mrs Andrea:  To be able to assist more special needs families throughout the state.

buzz:  Tell me about your role as the treasurer of the organization???

Mrs Andrea:  my role as treasurer is to oversee finances and keep money moving through the organization.

buzz:  With the walkathon being your biggest fundraiser of the year… to that person who has not yet committed - what would you say is the number one reason that they should be there

Mrs Andrea:  people can see the answer in a festive mode - our families, our kids, other organizations. Hopefully they are inspired to become a part of The Answer and support the programs that we offer.

buzz McBride